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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our programming language.  This will be updated when ever a new update to SVC is released.  To gain the updates just go to "Help" and then "Update Files" in SVC.

<file date - 19/05/2002> ESK Software has agreed to work on the RTB Editor. Hopefully with that happening I can get on and update the main SVC. I have now added the visual snap grid that allows you to line up your controls.

<file date - 15/05/2002> RTF Editor still in work but upgraded greatly! Also added the "AdvPrinter" object that allows you to have great control over the printer. View the documentation by clicking "AdvPrinter" on the left of this window to make sure you understand how it works before you use it!

<file date - 14/05/2002> RTF editor is coming on grand and I finally got the syntax checking to work properly. Try it!! Just make a simple error in your code like, in the example project, put Window not Windows, the run it, press the button and the program close and a msgbox comes up with the error. Click "OK" and the line with the error is highlighted in Code View and, to remind you of the error, red text is shown on the main window. Decide you want anything else, just ask! Fixed a few bugs and added file list save to "Save as VB Form" Now added the option to compile the project if the user hasn't opened a file, i.e. they have started a "New" Project. Also added RTF Editor Example to the start up window

<file date - 04/05/2002>
Finally got the RTB to work in Run Time!! I am working on that Built-In RTF editor, just click once on a RTB and then click "Edit Text" in the properties panel, et voila! Just email me using the "Request A Feature" menu underneath the help menu to tell me something else you wanted added!

<file date - 21/04/2002>
Sorry I haven't updated for ages but I have been doing some school work. Well here goes...

1> You can now save the RTF Text for RTBs
2> The RTF text cannot be added to a compiled project yet, work on that
3> Added security so that the only one to be able to decompile exes is SVC, no other programmers can attempt it
4> Working on an RTF editor for inside SVC that will allow you to use external .rtf inside your project and will have all the power of a commercial RTF editor!
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