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Our Mission

Basically SVC is here to make programming easy!  With the advent of modern languages programming is becoming harder.  SVC simplifies programming so that ANYONE can create programs!

Major Note To All SVC User!

SVC v2 is being programmed!  This means that you can have your say in what you want added to it! Just click HERE and fill in the form! Or, if you wish to add your own function to SVC (it has to be one not already included, OS independant and have no or little API calls) click HERE instead.  Of course, because version 2 will be released, support for version one files will NOT be supported.  If  you wish to convert you files please email them to and you will be replied to with the converted files.

SVC Information

SVC was coded by Andrew Murphy and is part of Murphy Corp programs.  Murphy Corp programs many applications for IoS.

SVC was a project of mine from when I started coding.  I found that learning to program was a difficult task and so I decided to make it easier for people to program.  The result - Simple Visual Compiler or SVC for short.

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